Serving Chicken? Filtering, Cleaning, and Daily Maintenance Are Key to Food Safety and Quality

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January 27, 2022
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February 15, 2022
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Serving Chicken? Filtering, Cleaning, and Daily Maintenance Are Key to Food Safety and Quality

Maybe you’ve decided to add chicken to your menu. Maybe you’re considering it. Or, you might already be serving it! Regardless, you’ll need to plan for the filtering, cleaning, and daily maintenance of your equipment – this will help ensure food safety, food quality, and equipment performance.
Like any protein, chicken releases plenty of natural juices as it cooks. Staying ahead of the build-up means filtering frying oil, thoroughly cleaning equipment during off hours, and wiping down surfaces as you go.
Filtering oil extends the “sweet spot”
It’s a simple fact of frying life: your chicken (or anything) will only be as good as the oil you fry it in. That’s why filtering is so important. There are several common and mostly unavoidable chemical reactions that break down oil—including heat! Regular filtering helps restore oil quality and extend the “sweet spot” between break-in and the point where it can no longer be reconditioned.
Henny Penny fryers are designed to extend oil life in many ways:

Low oil volume fryers (30 lb vat capacity) reduce oil consumption
3-minute express filters during operation let you keep cooking in other vats
Automatic oil top-off from an onboard reservoir keeps oil at optimum level
Henny Penny Prime Filter products remove particles and dissolves impurities from oil
Pressure fryers cook with lower oil temperatures, shorter cook times and covered vats
Standard open fryers use a cold zone—extra oil volume below the heating elements—to collect breading falloff and moderate oil breakdown
IDLE and MELT modes raise and lower oil temperature gradually, reducing temperature extremes
A convenient onboard filtering system with a locking oil pan on casters for easy handling

Cleaning is easier with the right products and equipment
Even the most sophisticated fryers are pretty easy to use these days. But there are still some basic procedures to follow that help keep frying oil and vats as clean as possible, such as skimming before each cook and brushing vat sides to clear fall-off and crumbs during filter.
How you clean your vats can make a big difference in how long your oil lasts. The wrong product can leave a chemical residue that is just as bad for oil as the stuff it’s supposed to remove. Henny Penny Prime Cleaner is especially formulated with mild detergents that effectively lift grease and carbon from vats and rinse easily with water—no separate vinegar rinse required.
A good combi oven pretty much cleans itself, which your crew will be the first to tell you is one of the best things about cooking with them. With Henny Penny FlexFusion combis, just fire up the WaveClean program and walk away. WaveClean makes automatic cleaning one step easier and safer by combining detergent and rinse aid into a single 2-in-1 cartridge. Crew never come in contact with cleaning chemicals, so no bulky gloves or goggles are required. A unique heat exchange design also uses a lot less water and energy to do the job.
Preventative maintenance is just that
Every restaurant or retail foodservice operator understands that when you’re not cooking, you’re not making money. Equipment that constantly breaks down is costing you, not just in repairs but in lost revenue and sometimes in lost reputation. Your chicken program is designed from the start to be a money-making machine, or you wouldn’t be doing it.
Make sure your equipment is designed to take the beating and make sure you do the required preventative maintenance to keep it that way. Gaskets and other wear parts need to be cleaned and replaced at regular intervals. Most of this work is simple and can be performed by any mechanically inclined crew. Be sure to go through your Henny Penny distributor for replacement parts that fit and arrive on time. Better yet, consider setting up a preventative maintenance program with your Henny Penny distributor. Your equipment will last longer, perform better and you will have far less to worry about.
If you’re already serving chicken, you can use these tips to improve your maintenance routine. If you haven’t added chicken to the menu yet, you might feel like you’re getting ahead of yourself! As a foodservice operator, what else is there to figure out?
Sourcing to Serving is a step-by-step planning guide from our chicken experts that will help you make key decisions about:

Menu and operations
Sourcing product and equipment
Installation, start-up, maintenance
After-sales service and support

Click here to download Sourcing to Serving for FREE and get 22 pages packed with everything you need to know about adding chicken to your menu.

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