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Popular Ice Cream Toppings

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Everyone loves ice cream! From the iconic 99 to a scoop (or three) of homemade gelato, we all have our favourite flavours, toppings and combinations. And nowadays there’s more choice than ever before! The ice cream industry has changed dramatically in recent years with Ireland seeing a huge boost in the number of artisan ice cream shops popping up across the country. While some still prefer the more traditional chocolate flake & drizzle of syrup, there is now a huge emphasis on variety. For this reason, it can be tricky to pick the best toppings for your business. To make it a little bit easier, we have compiled a list of some of our most popular ice cream toppings that can be combined to make a wide range of ice cream desserts.

Blue Bubble-Gum Sauce

This bright blue sauce is especially popular with the younger generation. Add it to a range of sundaes or combine it with another topping to make a super sweet treat kids will love!

Martin Food Equipment Blue-Bubble-Gum-Sundae Popular Ice Cream Toppings News


This creamy hazelnut sauce is one of our most popular luxury toppings at the minute. It can be served both hot and cold and is ideal for a chocolate tap, fountain or served from a squeezy bottle. Drizzle Chocella on top of ice cream, crepes and waffles to create a range of delicious desserts.

Martin Food Equipment Chocella-Ice-Cream Popular Ice Cream Toppings News

Shortcake Crumble & Raspberry Sauce

This Raspberry Shortcake dessert is the perfect combination of some of our popular toppings! The sweet raspberry combines with the crumbly shortcake crumb to create a taste reminiscent of our favourite Jammie Dodger biscuit.

Martin Food Equipment Strawberry-Shortcake Popular Ice Cream Toppings News

Mini Marshmallows

A topping that’s been around forever but is still loved by young and old alike. Mix these Mini Marshmallows in with some Shortcake Crumble, Chocolate Drops & Chocella sauce & you have yourself a Rocky Road!

Martin Food Equipment Rocky-Road-Ice-Cream Popular Ice Cream Toppings News


Oreo Crumb

This famous little chocolate cookie is delicious on its own but even better when added to soft ice cream! Just looks at the success McDonalds have had with their hugely popular Oreo McFlurry. Sprinkle on top of cones or mix into tubs – our oreo crumb will add a little crunch to your menu!

Martin Food Equipment Oreo-Ice-Cream Popular Ice Cream Toppings News

Hundreds & Thousands

We couldn’t talk about ice cream toppings and not mention this long-time favourite. Even after all these years these multicoloured sprinkles are still as popular as ever!

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