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Martin Food Equipment Caramel-Monin-80x80 OREO Crumble
MONIN Caramel topping sauce
October 7, 2016
Martin Food Equipment blue-raspberry-slush-80x80 OREO Crumble
Blizz Blue Raspberry Slush
October 7, 2016
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OREO Crumble


Made by Mondelez, Oreo crumb 400 grm bag.  Use with soft ice cream, desserts and toppings.  Delicious.

This particular Oreo crumb is medium in size and may be too large for narrow straw milkshakes.

Key Features

Oreo crumb that’s ready to sprinkle or mix in to soft ice cream

Delicious with Angelito

A treat in a milkshake

Great as an inclusion when making Gelato


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