How to cook the perfect tasting chip?

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March 4, 2019
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How to cook the perfect tasting chip?

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We invest so much in our businesses today. Everything from premises to staff and equipment.

But are we using the best equipment for the job, to the best of its ability ? Are we training our staff to get the best results ?

A perfect example of something to be improved is the humble French fry or chip. Very often if we misuse the frying equipment we end up with a greasy chip and reduced profitability.

Can we suggest the optimal way to deep fry chips using the Henny Penny Evolution Elite fryer?

A popular way for a chip frying operator to portion chips into ½ baskets is to take a 3kg bag of frozen chips and split it into 2 and cook. This is  very inefficient. The correct weight of frozen chips per basket is 860g (will differ for fresh cut potato).

By cooking this precise weight of chips, you will minimise the recovery time to optimum cooking temperature and reduce oil absorption. In fact, you will maximise the fryer output at 41 kilos of chips per hour.

Do you know the best cooking temperature to achieve the perfect tasting chip ?

The perfect cooking temperature is 177 deg. C.  Any higher and you will scorch the chip on the outside before it is cooked through. Below this the chip will absorb oil and you get a soggy result.

So, the magic chip number is 177 degrees C.

The method to use is simple,

  • Add 860g in each ½ basket
  • Drop first basket
  • Wait 30 seconds and drop the second basket
  • Cook for 2.5 to 3 minutes
  • Transfer chips from basket immediately *
  • Salt and serve

It’s that simple and it will give you a delicious chip and maximise output from the Henny Penny Evolution Elite.

Taste is all about oil quality and oil quality is all about filtering. With the correct oil filtering regime, you can reduce your oil consumption by up to 40%. Many operators will discard oil weekly and waste thousands of euros every year. Calculate what that 40% saving would add to your bottom line every year.

It is worth mentioning if you are constantly frying and filtering your oil with the Henny Penny Evolution Elite open fryer you may even reduce the oil you discard to zero.

*Most of the oil absorption occurs when the basket is lifted It is important to note, leaving chips to drain over the fryer will increase oil absorption and result in a greasy tasting soggy chip.

 No one wants a soggy chip.

To experience the Henny Penny Evolution Elite open fryer please call me on 042 933 0366 or e mail [email protected]  and come along to one of our 1 hour live cooking events. You can save thousands of euro every year and bring customers back every time for great tasting chips.

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