Henny Penny Tech Support builds resource hub for commercial kitchen equipment

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July 1, 2022
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Henny Penny Tech Support builds resource hub for commercial kitchen equipment

Buzzwords aside, what exactly does “customer experience” mean at Henny Penny?  For starters, it is a way to think about what we do as one continuous effort to make life better for our customer partners. Then we add data-driven processes so the work we actually do every day remains focused on this outcome. In this three-part blog series, we pull back the curtain on a some of these activities and the people who lead them.
Any equipment manufacturer or supplier worth doing business with will train you on how to use and maintain their products. But in the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant kitchen how easy is it, really, to find out exactly what you need to know? Our own Pete Krause is the expert on that.
Krause is the Director of Training and Digital Assets at Henny Penny. Digital Assets, he says, is all about being able to communicate correct information to end users and service techs about the equipment they maintain.
Right now, there are a variety of ways that happens. Users can refer to printed manuals, download online manuals and technical bulletins, watch YouTube videos, or just search google for answers. This is the reality Henny Penny Tech Support and servicing professionals in the field are facing. Krause and his team are working to make this flow of information more efficient.
“The whole idea is to build a searchable knowledge base that combines text, images, videos and documents into something very easy to use,” says Krause. “Customers need to know there is a single source for the truth about Henny Penny equipment.”
Over the decades, Henny Penny has enjoyed an enviable reputation for customer service based to a large extent on our 24-hour technical support hotline. “Digital assets are an evolution of that,” said Krause. “There is a growing number of users who shy away from calling 800 numbers and are more comfortable acquiring information online. We’re creating that world for parts and operations.”
Pete’s group has developed Hennypennyhelp.com, an online resource in two sections: operations and parts. Operations is organized in broad categories based on what the user is trying to do: install, maintain, clean, trouble shoot or customize.
Within each category, the user finds the equipment and model they want. Once there, simply scroll to an item and click for instructions, images, graphics, and video in a clear, easy-to-view format.
The parts version of Henny Penny Help includes specific information such as bulletins and parts lists. This way, users can easily reference and source OEM parts.
A key component for the Parts section is the use of QR codes. When a user scans the QR code on a deep fryer (or the manual that came with it), the code links to the digital assets relating to that exact model. Changes to parts are updated on the site, so the existing QR code will always lead to current information.
Much like digital content marketing, Krause’s group employs a full toolkit of behind-the-screen technical stuff to make sure the right results come up no matter how or where people search. “We use meta data, SEO, keyword searches and backlinks,” said Krause. “We’re constantly adding new videos and doing frequent updates. All this activity is designed to make sure when someone does a google search for ‘pressure fryer lid seal replacement’, the right parts and videos will be at the top.”
Regardless of how people search for information about Henny Penny equipment, there are clear benefits to being able to get it all in one place. Krause says his team exists to make life easier for people who don’t want to call. “They don’t have to go to somewhere for a manual, somewhere else for parts, and then to YouTube for videos. It’s all here in one easily navigable world.”
That makes Digital Assets an ideal resource for training service techs, distributors, and customers. There are overlaps with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as well. “Data from customer searches relating to equipment in the field helps us become predictive in terms of parts and support,” Krause said. “Basically, we have a near real-time picture of how customers are maintaining their equipment, what are common requests, how often, and how critical.”
For manufacturers of commercial restaurant equipment, this degree of integration and interactivity in the realm of maintenance and repair is unusual. Henny Penny has relationships with partners in restaurant supply and parts that operate primarily online, so there’s a common interest in putting out correct information that’s easy to get to. Why not go the extra mile and make it more like what people are used to as consumers in other areas of their life?
Want to talk to the Henny Penny Team about how we can support your foodservice operation? Whether you’re already using Henny Penny equipment, or you simply have a few questions, we’re here to help. Click here to connect with us today.

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