Guest Blog: 5 Maintenance Tips for Your Restaurant’s Pressure Fryer

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October 28, 2021
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Guest Blog: 5 Maintenance Tips for Your Restaurant’s Pressure Fryer

Restaurants and foodservice establishments know the importance of the ultimate cooking gear: the deep fryer. If customers desire the right flavor and texture of their favorite foods, a good fry is essential to achieve that iconic, tasty crunch time and time again.
Deep fryers are versatile and efficient, which makes them perfect for lots of foodservice business operations. They have a list of requirements necessary for their longevity and functionality. Let’s take a closer look at the ins and outs of this vital commercial kitchen equipment. Here are five maintenance tips for your restaurant’s pressure fryer:
1. Use and Maintain Top-Quality Oil
Out of our top five maintenance tips for your restaurant’s pressure fryer, oil choice and conservation top the list. A good pressure fryer is nothing without its trusty sidekick: frying oil. Cook with high-caliber oil to avoid harming or damaging the equipment. Don’t forget to filter when necessary, which will expand the lifespan of the oil. Extracting dirty oil and adding in brand new oil is key for the freshest tasting food.
2. Sustain Positive Cooking Habits
When you have healthy cooking habits, you can maintain the longevity of the equipment and ensure delicious food each time. Temperature control is pivotal. Remember to not keep your oil at a cooking temperature 24/7. Instead, use a standby setting for slower-than-usual times of the day.
Be mindful of the optimum cooking temperatures of different types of foods and adjust the fryer temperature appropriately. While hotter temperatures heat foods faster, they don’t result in superior taste.
3. Give It a Nice Clean Daily
Cleaning your fryer every day seems obvious, but oftentimes the staff overlooks how critical this is. At a minimum, wipe down the exterior of the machine. Pressure frying is smelly and messy. Carefully cleaning the fryer eliminates the risk of sediment build-up that could wreak havoc on taste quality. Don’t forget to cleanse heating components after changing out the oil to maintain good operational use.
4. Deep Clean When Most Needed
Cleaning the fryer every day is easy to do, but it isn’t enough. Give the machine a thorough deep clean or boil around every three months. When you do this mainly depends on the fryer’s condition and its frequency of use in your establishment.
5. Don’t Mess Around With Fryer Capacity
Not all commercial pressure fryers on the market are the same. Stick to a fryer with the right capacity for customer demands and the best safety for employee use. You don’t want to risk anyone’s health or your business’s reputation. Your restaurant should always use a fryer for exactly what it’s intended for following manual-outlined guidelines.
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