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Martin Food Equipment 20210512_213344258_iOS-80x80 Pomati Chocolate Tap
Bueno Pouring Sauce
May 17, 2021
Martin Food Equipment Icy25-80x80 Pomati Chocolate Tap
BGI Continuous Churning Machine
October 7, 2021
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Pomati Chocolate Tap

The CUBE chocolate tap has been designed in Pomati style, for inclusion in ice cream parlours, cafes, and restaurants with the aim of attracting and hitting customers through the exquisite appeal given by the continuous fountain of chocolate.

Thanks to its small size, the CUBE can be easily displayed on countertops and use to put a finishing touch on products.

Perfect for sundaes, crepes, waffles, cones, desserts and much more.

Fill your chocolate tap with any of our three most popular falvours! Hazelnut chocolate sauce (Nutella), White chocolate sauce & Bueno sauce available in the linked products below.

The CUBE has a capacity of 5kg of sauce.

Removable auger for easy cleaning and change of chocolate products. Backflow option to discharge the chocolate and clean. Foot pedal operated dispenser to interrupt and halt the flow of chocolate sauce.

Dimensions: 290 x 410 x 350mm

Power: 0.4kW



1PH (0.4KW)


Width 220mm, Depth 530mm, Height 450mm

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