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Angelito Ice Cream Mix & Milkshake

Martin Food Equipment Blizz-Sauce-Images-min-80x80 Waffle Basket
Blizz Butterscotch Topping Sauce
November 10, 2021
Martin Food Equipment Image_17592-80x80 Waffle Basket
Unifrost F200 U/C Freeze Stainless Steel Finish (Demo)
August 22, 2022
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Waffle Basket

Waffle Basket for Ice Cream

Waffle Basket 60 per Box

Ideal for Soft or Gelato Ice Cream Desserts

Delicious, Crispy, Edible Baskets

Collection or Pallet Delivery Only due to Fragile Item

Please Call the Office on 042 93 30366 for Further Information or to Place an Order.


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