Martin Food Equipment Wexiodisk-WD-PRM7-01-80x80 --SOLD-- Wexiödisk WD-7 (Display Unit)
Wexiödisk WD-PRM7 (Display Unit)
October 11, 2019
Martin Food Equipment iF40P-80x80 --SOLD-- Wexiödisk WD-7 (Display Unit)
Moretti Forni iF40 – Dough Roller (Demo)
October 14, 2019
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–SOLD– Wexiödisk WD-7 (Display Unit)


Wexiödisk’s WD-7 hood dishwasher has a robust and simple design. The high standard of components and materials used to create the machine guarantee reliable operation and efficient cleaning.



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Key Features

  • Unique and flexible washing system. The machines water pressure can be reset quickly and easily between normal and heavily soiled settings.
  • Robust and reliable design in stainless steel with components that guarantee a durable and reliable operation for many years.
  • The machine has an energy saving heat and sound insulating double-skinned hood.
  • A good working environment with the unique hood concept.
  • High levels of hygiene with an automatic cleaning programme and guaranteed rinse temperature by thermal stop system.
  • Self-drained wash pump.
  • Large deep tank to protect against foaming.
  • Easy servicing – the machine is serviced from the front.
  • Hygiene control – control system with integrated HACCP.
  • Excellent wash results – with self-draining washing arms.
  • Powerful washing pressure with anti-blocking nozzles.
  • Individual adjustable wash and rinse times as well as temperatures for each programme.
  • Inbuilt dosing pump for fine dosage of rinse aid options.

Depth 765mm, Height 1,650mm, Width 805mm

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