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October 2, 2017
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November 13, 2017
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VarioCooking Centre 112L

Whether for a busy restaurant or high volume catering, preparing 40 individual meals or thousands of portions, the Frima VarioCooking Centre always offers the right solution for the unique requirements of your kitchen. The VarioCooking Centre has an integrated cooking intelligence that monitors the cooking process for you. Whether you’re cooking overnight, cooking during service or pressure cooking, the cooking time and temperature are continuously adjusted for perfect results.

Multi Cooker

You can fry, deep fry, pressure fry, boil, sear and braise with two pans that can be operated independently of one another. The VarioCooking Centre combines the functions of appliances, such as griddles, ranges, deep-fat fryers and bratt pans in a single multi-functional unit. And the results are better too!

Thanks to the advanced heating technology, the pan base is hot and ready to use in seconds. With the extra power capacity, you can sear 40% more meat than in conventional griddles or pans, to a better quality. The juices stay in the meat and shrinkage is eliminated.

When it comes to boiling, the VarioCooking Centre will automatically fill itself with water. It heats water in record time, from 0 – 200°C in under 2 minutes. The multi cooker even works at night, without supervision. The built-in cooking intelligence precisely monitors the temperature and ensures perfect cooking results the next morning.

Cook Time Samples

Omelette: 120/hr

Hamburgers: 100/hr

Rice: 5kg/batch/pan

Chips: 18kg/pan/hr 

Cured Pork: 14kg/pan

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Key Features

  • AutoLift raising & lowering mechanism – eliminates time spent on supervision
  • Save on electricity costs – the VarioCooking Centre is over 95% efficient
  • 50 litre capacity (25 litre per pan)
  • Temperature range 30°C – 250°C
  • Recognition of food in the pan – no burning of oil possible
  • 350 memory slots for individual programmes & processes
  • Digital temperature displays
  • Core temperature probe
  • Integrated hose for easy cleaning
  • Integrated water outlet enabling setup without floor drain
  • Optional stand
  • Optional accessories (baskets, scrapers, grids etc)

1102 x 908 x 428 mm



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