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Martin Food Equipment Buffalo-Digital-Vacum-Pack-6.5-Ltr-min-80x80 Peak & Wild, Santa Izabel Coffee Beans
Buffalo Digital Vacum Pack 6.5 Ltr
August 26, 2022
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Elevator Coffee Beans
November 11, 2022
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Peak & Wild, Santa Izabel Coffee Beans

Peak & Wild Santa Izabel coffee is far more than a delicious, ethically sourced coffee.

Peak & Wild is freshly roasted, climate positive. That means we double our carbon offsetting, to have a positive – not neutral – impact, on the planet. All the while striving to minimise the emissions in the first place.

Located in the south of Minas Gerais at 1150 MASL, Fazenda Santa Izabel is known for its exceptional coffee quality. Currently, in a regeneration phase, 40 coffee varieties are evaluated in the nursery and the best are then planted in the older sections of the farm. The farm has adopted socio-environmental practices and supports smaller local producers with educational courses and workshops.

Key Features

  • Origins: Peru, Ethiopia, Honduras & Mexico
  • 100% Arabic Coffee Beans
  • Roast Medium-light
  • Chocolate and praline with a velvety body and a sugar cane sweetness
  • Case size: 8 x 750g

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