Martin Food Equipment Roundup-Variety-Food-Steamer-VS-200-ADB-80x80 Ilsa Start Freezer AX071006 (DEMO)
Roundup VS-200 ADB 9100222 (Demo)
October 14, 2019
Martin Food Equipment cr1365_m1-600x600-80x80 Ilsa Start Freezer AX071006 (DEMO)
Unifrost CR1365 Worktop Refrigerator (Demo)
October 14, 2019
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Ilsa Start Freezer AX071006 (DEMO)


All of our refurbished/demo stock is MFE certified for quality and is guaranteed to last. All items come with a 6-month warranty as standard.

MFE quality equipment at discounted prices!

Key Features

• Stainless steel exterior and aluminium interior
• 75mm High density polyurethane foam insulation
• Chambers with rounded internal corners for easier cleaning
• Spring operated door fitted with stop at 100 degrees
• Patented monobloc refrigerating unit
• Optimised external and internal air flow distribution
• Temperature: 10°C to – 20°C
• Capacity: 700Ltr

Dimensions600 × 670 × 1440 cm

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