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Martin Food Equipment Wexiodisk-WD-7-01-80x80 Wexiödisk WD-7 Duplus
Wexiödisk WD-7
August 4, 2016
Martin Food Equipment Wexiodisk-WD-90GR-HC-01-80x80 Wexiödisk WD-7 Duplus
Wexiödisk WD-90GR HC Potwasher
August 4, 2016
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Wexiödisk WD-7 Duplus

Wexiödisk is first in the world to introduce the double-final rinse technology for hood dishwashers. This patented design means that the rinsing process uses considerably less fresh water than traditional final rinse systems. With the new DUPLUS technology, only 1 litre of fresh water is used per cycle, which is remarkably low and creates perfect results. This low water consumption together with the minimized use of chemicals and electricity makes the WD-7 DUPLUS the perfect choice for a modern kitchen with the environment in mind.


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Key Features

  • Double final rinse with DUPLUS technology – Improved rinsing results using less fresh water.
  • High efficiency with low operating costs – DUPLUS technology reduces the consumption of fresh water, chemicals and electricity.
  • Particularly large cost savings – if osmosis water has to be used.
  • Unique and flexible washing system. The machines water pressure can be reset quickly and easily between normal and heavily soiled settings.
  • Robust and reliable design in stainless steel with components that guarantee a durable and reliable operation for many years.
  • The machine has an energy saving heat and sound insulating double-skinned hood.
  • A good working environment with the unique hood concept.
  • High levels of hygiene with an automatic cleaning programme and guaranteed rinse temperature by thermal stop system.
  • Self-drained wash pump.
  • Large deep tank to protect against foaming.
  • Easy servicing – the machine is serviced from the front.
  • Hygiene control – control system with integrated HACCP.
  • Excellent wash results – with self-draining washing arms.
  • Powerful washing pressure with anti-blocking nozzles.
  • Individual adjustable wash and rinse times as well as temperatures for each programme.
  • Inbuilt dosing pump for fine dosage of rinse aid.
  • Break tank with booster pump.

Depth 765mm, Height 1,650mm, Width 805mm

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