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Martin Food Equipment TurboChef-Bullet-80x80 Robot Coupe R401 Food Processor
TurboChef Bullet
August 29, 2017
Martin Food Equipment Robot-Coupe-CL50-Vegetable-Preparation-Machine-80x80 Robot Coupe R401 Food Processor
Robot Coupe CL50 Vegetable Preparation Machine
September 11, 2017
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Robot Coupe R401 Food Processor

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The Robot Coupe R401 Food Processor is both a blender & vegetable preparation machine. It dramatically decreases time spent on food preparation and is the perfect addition to any deli or restaurant. The R401 makes hours spent on chopping and slicing a thing of the past. It takes seconds to slice and chop vegetables. You can even slice cold meats like chicken! The R401 comes complete with a vegetable preparation attachment, a bowl cutter attachment, 4 blades and a base.

Martin Food Equipment pdf-download-icon Robot Coupe R401 Food Processor


Key Features

Cutter Bowl

  • Suitable for all types of coarse & fine chopping, stuffings, emulsions, kneading & grinding
  • All metal motor base for greater sturdiness
  • Speed of 1500 rpm
  • 4.5 litre capacity

Vegetable Preparation 

  • Large hopper area for preparation of large vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, celery, lettuce etc)
  • Round & deep hopper for long and fragile vegetables
  • Outstanding cut quality



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