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Martin Food Equipment JAC-Eco-600-01-1-80x80 JAC Self Plus
JAC Eco+ Range
August 12, 2016
Martin Food Equipment JAC-Face-450-01 JAC Self Plus
JAC Face+ Range
August 12, 2016
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JAC Self Plus

The Self Plus Bread Slicer ensures consistency and accuracy for perfectly sliced bread. The continuous automatic control system slices loaves according to their consistency allowing for crusty and dense breads to be sliced with equal efficiency.

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Key Features

  • Up to 250 loaves an hour.
  • Intelligent slicing concept (JAC patent).
  • Depth reduced to minimise space requirements.
  • Simple to use.
  • Removable, ergonomic crumb collector.
  • Handles for easy handling of the machine.
  • Front bumper to protect the machine.
  • Optional daily adding counter that tells the owner how many loaves have been cut.
  • Optional height adjustment for tall operators.

Depth 643mm, Height 1,263mm, Width 604mm


1 PH or 3 PH (0.49 kW)

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