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May 18, 2022
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June 9, 2022
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Zac’s Burgers Case Study

When most guys his age were still hitting burger bars after a ballgame, Pete Politarhos decided to open one. And he hasn’t looked back. Today, Zac’s Burgers has three restaurant locations in the Philly area, plus a concession at Lincoln Financial Field and two food trucks for catering events around the Tri-State. Zac’s is a family business with 28 employees. Business is good, and expanding is always a consideration. But at the moment Politarhos is having a hard enough time finding workers to fill the positions he already has.
“Probably the biggest thing for us is that the Henny Penny fryer has simplified what we do in the frying area. With the controls and the filtering, it has taken a big headache away and helped me serve my customers efficiently and better.”
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