The Low Oil Volume Frying FAQ You’ve Been Looking For

Martin Food Equipment 2122-1 The Low Oil Volume Frying FAQ You’ve Been Looking For Henny Penny
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August 27, 2021
Martin Food Equipment 2122 The Low Oil Volume Frying FAQ You’ve Been Looking For Henny Penny
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August 27, 2021
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The Low Oil Volume Frying FAQ You’ve Been Looking For

Hanging on to that old fryer may seem like the frugal decision for your business, but is it? Have you really considered the impact that an aging, inefficient high oil volume fryer has on your bottom line? For operators still on the fence about making the switch to a low oil volume fryer, there’s plenty to consider regarding the ROI that can be realized by updating your equipment.
Here are some frequently asked questions from operators considering low oil volume fryers:

How much money could I be saving on oil?
The standard fryer holds anywhere between 50-65 pounds of oil. Low oil volume fryers are designed to have a 40 percent lower oil capacity (just 30lbs), yet still manage to cook the same amount of food. The higher the volume, the better the savings.  This adds up to an annual savings of $3000-$5000 on oil costs. We’ve got a free spreadsheet template you can download to calculate oil savings for your business.
How long could my oil last?
Using less oil is great. Making your oil last longer is even better. This means less dumps per year, which means less maintenance for your kitchen staff and more time frying. The efficiency of a low oil volume fryer can result in oil life of up to 21 days — three times longer than the industry average.
Could the consistency and quality of my food be affected?
As we’ve mentioned, making the switch to a low oil volume fryer translates to longer oil life due to maintained oil quality. Beyond cost savings, longer-lasting quality oil also means better tasting food and more consistent quality. If you’ve noticed flavor shifts or texture inconsistencies in your fried products, it might be time to consider the advantages of a low oil volume fryer.
How much time is my current system wasting?
Standard fryers with higher oil volumes can require long, cumbersome filtering processes. Lengthy filtering practices can threaten production — especially if a filtering need arises at an inopportune time, such as rush hour. Low oil volume fryers can require as little as three minutes to filter. Add in automatic top-off features to replenish oil and you have a piece of equipment that improves your staff’s workload and helps them be more efficient than ever.

Want to learn more about effective oil management? Low oil volume fryer or not, Henny Penny can help. Click here to access our free download package, including everything you’ll need to become an oil savings expert and analyze your own operation.

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