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June 25, 2020
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July 22, 2020
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SmartHold Proofing & Holding

High-quality insulated heated holding cabinets—particularly those with appropriate humidity control—offer foodservice operators significant opportunities to improve food value, throughput and productivity. The ability to hold a wide variety of foods for long periods of time is like putting production time in the bank. The reduction in waste, alone, becomes a major justification. The key to achieving these advantages lies in equipment that offers more precise control of the holding environment. The flavors, textures and moisture content of various cooked foods react differently to heat and humidity. The ability to set and maintain ideal holding conditions for popular menu items can mean the difference between twenty minutes and two hours. This translates into smoother production schedules, better equipment utilization throughout the kitchen, and lower labor and operating costs.
Recently, we’ve talked about the science behind holding and how to buy time with holding cabinets. Today, we’re taking a closer look at proofing and holding with Henny Penny SmartHold cabinets.
Since a SmartHold cabinet can create and maintain the perfect holding environment, food is better left uncovered inside. This helps reduce labor and clean-up time.
The following chart shows optimal SmartHold cabinet settings for common menu items. In general, settings for a particular item can be applied to similar menu items not shown here. For specific recommendations, please send inquiries to [email protected].
Keep in mind that some foods are more durable than others. When holding a variety of items at the same time, choose temperature and humidity settings closer to those suggested for the more sensitive foods or midway between foods with similar durability.
Food temperatures must remain above the minimum required safe holding temperatures. The USA minimum is 140°F (60°C). If the cabinet door(s) is opened frequently, temperature should be set slightly above the minimum required safe holding temperature.

Based on Henny Penny HHC 900 and SmartHold holding cabinets. Results will vary for other manufacturers.
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