Martin Food Equipment Turbochef-Fire-01-80x80 TurboChef High H Batch (Recon)
TurboChef Fire (Refurbished)
November 22, 2018
Martin Food Equipment WMF-2000S-Coffee-Machine TurboChef High H Batch (Recon)
–SOLD– WMF Coffee Machine Bistro (Demo)
November 22, 2018
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TurboChef High H Batch (Recon)


This is a reconditioned model in excellent working condition

Key Features

  • Integral recirculating catalytic converter for ventless operation
  • Variable-speed High h recirculating air impingement system
  • Oscillating rack for high heat transfer without spotting
  • Half-sheet pan/16-inch pizza capacity
  • Stackable design (requires stacking kit)
  • Smart menu system capable of storing up to 72 recipes
  • Self diagnostics for monitoring components & performance
  • Includes plug and cord
  • Smart card compatible

658 x 742 x 544

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