Moretti Forni S100E
Moretti Forni S100E Pizza Oven (Demo)
November 22, 2018
TurboChef High H Batch
TurboChef High H Batch (Recon)
November 22, 2018
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TurboChef Fire (Recon)

8,095.00 3,950.00

The TurboChef Fire provides an artisan-hearth style pizza experience for any location. Cooking at temperatures up to 842 °F (450 °C), the Fire can cook 14-inch fresh dough pizzas in as little as 90 seconds. The oven has a small footprint and is ventless, so it can be placed virtually anywhere without type I or type II ventilation.

Turbochef changed retail foodservice overnight. It is the most efficient oven and it has made retail store and sandwich chains more efficient across the world (with over 28,000 ovens in Subway stores alone). FAST, VENTLESS, COMPACT, Turbochef provides perfect cooking results every time. It cooks, grills and bakes food up to 12 times faster than other conventional options. Food has never tasted so good or held their flavours so well before.

Compact in size, stylish in form, Turbochef needs no extraction, no water, no waste and can be installed virtually anywhere. With pre-programmed settings it provides consistent and quality cooked foods every time.

This is a reconditioned model in excellent working condition

Key Features

  • Fits up to a 14-inch thin or thick dough pizza.
  • Integral catalytic converter for ventless operation.
  • Removable bottom access panel for easy cleaning.
  • Independent top and bottom electronic temperature control.
  • Top and bottom convection motors.
  • 6 preset timers.
  • Includes plug and cord (6 ft. nominal).

3 PH or 1 PH


Width 482.9mm, Depth 619.5mm, Height 576.6mm

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