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Martin Food Equipment Quellaltro-Mec-3-Dark-Chocolate-Gelato-19446-80x80 Multipurpose Silicon Oven Gloves
Mec 3 Quell’altro Dark Chocolate Gelato Layering Sauce
October 10, 2018
Martin Food Equipment TurboChef-Bullet-80x80 Multipurpose Silicon Oven Gloves
–SOLD– TurboChef Bullet (Display Unit)
November 22, 2018
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Multipurpose Silicon Oven Gloves


Employee safety doesn’t happen by accident. Protect your staff from injury with our new multipurpose, silicon oven gloves. Ensure optimal hygiene and maximum protection for your employees.

Key Features

  • Saves over €300 a year compared to a normal safety glove
  • Lasts 10 times longer than typical suede or cloth
  • Multipurpose, heat resistant glove for use with combi ovens, TurboChef ovens rotisseries & fryers
  • Elbow-length, protecting hand & forearm
  • Lightweight, stronger, safer. Most hygienic glove available
  • Grease, steam & water resistant
  • One size fits all. More safety and improved dexterity

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