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Martin Food Equipment serieP_Amalfi-80x80 Moretti Forni Serie T Conveyor Oven
Moretti Forni Serie P Pizza Oven
March 26, 2021
Martin Food Equipment iDeck-Oven-80x80 Moretti Forni Serie T Conveyor Oven
Moretti Forni iDeck Pizza Oven
March 26, 2021
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Moretti Forni Serie T Conveyor Oven

serieT is the professional conveyor oven for every business: delivery, bakery, high-quality fast food, franchising, restaurants, pizza and restaurants chains, food retails, and so on.

serieT is the best among conveyor ovens: quick baking during high production rhythm, user-friendliness, safety for users – with the lowest temperature of its category in the external surfaces -, and technological efficiency. An unparalleled baking quality with the certainty of repeatable baking results.

The range of models T64, T75, TT96, TT98 are available gas or electric with a maximum reachable temperature of 320°C (608°F), while T75 reaches 400°C (752°F).
Energy-saving: serieT exclusive technologies reduce consumption by 30%.

Why choose a Moretti Forni conveyor oven?
The advantages of a conveyor oven are:
Quality: serieT performs the highest quality and baking uniformity, thanks to internal technologies and forced air baking effectiveness
Multifunctionality: bake and heat not only pizza, but also many different products like bagels, tortillas, pretzels, croissants, pain au chocolat, meat, fish, vegetables, and so on.
Compact dimensions: serieT is really compact and reduced in size to be easily installed in any restricted space. In addition, STEP and RETURN functions allow discontinuous baking cycles or double-crossing on the belt, particularly useful in small spaces.
Customization: you can stack up to three conveyor ovens of the same model without a chimney or combine them to satisfy your business needs.

How many products is it possible to bake with a conveyor oven?
According to the model and considering only one deck, the hour productivity range is:
serie T64: 25 pizzas/h standard diameter 12″ and 10 trays/h (60x40cm)
serie T75: 48 pizzas/h standard diameter 12″, 25 pizzas/h diameter 17″ and 22 trays/h (60x40cm)
serie TT96: 100 pizzas/h standard diameter 12″, 38 pizzas/h diameter 17″
serie TT98: 125 pizzas/h standard diameter 12″, 48 pizzas/h diameter 17″ and 54 trays/h (60x40cm)

Clean and technological design:
Rationalized interface and minimal handle to contain required overall space.
The black colour, repeated also in the black bar logo Design, is the iconic element for this range: it enhances the stainless steel.

Stainless steel stationing support as standard, with a special height-adjustable stop for the highest safety, is quickly removable to facilitate cleaning.
TT label means two ovens in one: TT 96 e TT98, are the only models in the world with Quadra Temp™ Technology, the revolutionary technology that valorises our exclusive Dual-Temp® patent, allowing to set and differentiate up to 4 temperatures: 4 probes positioned both at the entrance and at the exit of the ceiling and floor monitor the heat punctually for the entire baking process.

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Available in 4 different models. Either electric or gas.

T64E/G – Conveyor dimensions 1230 x 410mm (Electric or Gas) – 25 12″ pizzas per hour

T75E/G – Conveyor dimensions 1810 x 500mm (Electric or Gas) – 48 12″ pizzas per hour

TT96E/G – Conveyor dimensions 2050 x 650mm (Electric or Gas) – 100 12″ pizzas per hour

TT98E/G – Conveyor dimensions 2050 x 810mm (Electric or Gas) – 125 12″ pizzas per hour


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