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Mono BX Classic Convection Oven 10 Tray
August 12, 2016
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Belshaw Admatic 616B Donut Fryer
August 12, 2016
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Mono Harmony Deck Oven

Mono’s Harmony Modular Deck Oven has been designed by bakers for bakers. The oven is perfect for the production of delicious artisan breads and mouth-watering, high-end confectionery products. Each component of the Harmony Modular Deck Oven is built separately which means it can be delivered through a standard doorway and installed onsite; the perfect solution for bakeries with limited access. It also offers the benefit of being able to expand the number of decks at a later date if required. The Harmony Modular Deck Oven combines the very best of traditional baking techniques with efficient modern engineering and unparalleled bake control. This easy-to-use oven is available with the new eco-touch Controller or with a classic controller.

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Key Features

  • Can be stacked up to 5 decks high.
  • Available in 1-tray, 2-tray and 3-tray width models.
  • Independent controls for top and bottom elements to create the perfect balance of heat.
  • Single piece, heavy sole plates for evenly distributed bottom heat perfect for traditional oven-bottom bread.
  • Patented cumulus steam generating system.
  • Each deck separately controlled for complete flexibility.
  • Hygienic stainless steel construction, inside and out, for ease of cleaning and long term durability.
  • Hestia Safeguard Protection System ensures oven controllers never overheat.
  • 240 Programmes to store your most frequently used bake cycles.
  • Provides a gentle, mellow bake each and every time.
  • Rapid heat recovery rate.
  • Clear voice prompt.
  • Energy saving sleep mode.
  • USB programmable.
  • Auto shutdown.
  • Simple damper facility.
  • Helps reduce energy consumption by only heating the decks required.
  • Modular components – easy installation.

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