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Manitowoc RNS0244A- Undercounter Ice Cube Machine (Refurbished)
October 14, 2019
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Henny Penny Prime Filter Powder – 10Kg
October 17, 2019
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Mono Eco-Touch 4/5 – FG159T (Recon)


Mono Equipment’s flagship 4/5 Tray Eco-Touch Convection Oven is the result of two years’ development and testing. It’s beautifully understated simplicity concealing an array of cutting-edge, energy-saving features and new improved baking programmes. The New button-free, state-of-the-art Colour Touch-Screen Controller provides the ultimate user-friendly interface.

Sleep Mode, which automatically returns the oven to its standby temperature and reduces energy consumption between bakes by up to 66%, Auto Shutdown which turns the oven off automatically after 8 hours of inactivity and the innovative 7-day timer providing the facility to pre-programme the oven to reach the desired optimum pre-bake temperature.

The superb construction that goes in to each built-to-order BX Eco-Touch 4/5 Tray Oven guarantees a long and efficient product life.

Key Features

— User-friendly, Colour Touch-Screen Controller for easy programming

— Favourites Menu accesses the most frequently used programmes quickly and easily

— Multi bake facility allows 4 separate bake cycles to be run simultaneously

— 7-Day Timer provides complete automatic control of the oven’s operation

— Sleep Mode returns the oven to its optimum standby temperature and reduces energy consumption by up to 66%

— Auto Shutdown facility prevents the oven being left on by mistake

— USB Programmable reduces carbon footprint

— Overlapped and sealed, foil-fronted, solid slab insulation for superb heat retention

— Stainless steel construction for durability and cleanliness

— Internal oven light for clear visibility of the baking process

— Ovens available in portrait or landscape orientation

— Stack-able for convenience and future expandability

— Clear glass door to maximise and future expandability

— Clear glass door to maximise the visibility of the baking product

— Twin pane, vented glass reduces external door temperature

— Bi-directional fan ensures an even bake each and every time

— Integrated steam system for superb bake quality

— Double catch door handles to safely release the hot steam

— Simple damper facility

— Ovens available in left or right hand orientation

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