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Martin Food Equipment Newscan-FM-30-Food-Mixer-01-80x80 MFE Self Cooking Centre™
Newscan FM Range
August 12, 2016
Martin Food Equipment MFE-CM-Plus-101-01-1-80x80 MFE Self Cooking Centre™
MFE CombiMaster Plus™ 101
August 12, 2016
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MFE Self Cooking Centre™

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Save space, save energy, save time!

The MFE ‘Self Cooking Centre’ is the backbone of an MFE integrated retail food preparation system. It is the only cooking system in the world which SENSES, RECOGNISES, THINKS ahead, LEARNS and even COMMUNICATES with you!


The ‘Self Cooking Centre’ produces a range of delicious nutritious, ready-to-heat, take-home dinners for your chill cabinet AND cooks a delicious range of foods for your hot and cold deli cabinet. The ‘Self Cooking Centre’ is the most versatile combi oven made and even serves as a slot-in bakery solution to your store.

Key Features

  • Steam cooking mode from 30 °C – 130 °C.
  • Hot air cooking mode from 30 °C – 300 °C.
  • Optimum cooking cabinet climate – ClimaPlus Control® measures the humidity in the cooking cabinet and regulates the ideal climate to one percent accuracy.
  • Five air speeds – you have the right air speed for every product.
  • Precisely metered humidification such as for bread and bakery products.
  • Cool Down for rapid, fan-assisted cooling of the cooking cabinet.
  • Core temperature cooking for the preparation of products with precise cooking results.
  • The constant difference between the core temperature and the cooking cabinet temperature ensures the meat stays tender and increases the number of slices.
  • Manual programming.
  • 1200 programming slots with up to twelve steps.
  • Integral hand shower.
  • USB port.
  • Reduce the need for skilled staff and give perfect, consistent result every time.
  • Reduces production time by 30%.
  • Automatically cleans and descales itself.

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