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Martin Food Equipment MFE-SCC-5Senses-202-01-80x80 CombiMaster Plus® Range
Self Cooking Centre® Range
August 9, 2016
Martin Food Equipment MFE-CM-Plus-202-01-80x80 CombiMaster Plus® Range
CombiMaster Plus® Range
August 9, 2016
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CombiMaster Plus® Range

Martin Food Equipment CombiMaster-Plus-Logo-300x32 CombiMaster Plus® Range


Created especially by Rational for Martin Food Equipment, the CombiMaster Plus is easy to operate and offers enticing functions such as steam cooking, hot air cooking, combination mode and finishing which ensure the best results every time. The model also includes an integrated hand shower for easy cleaning and can be programmed with up to 50 menu items. The CombiMaster Plus is tailor made to meet the needs of any kitchen, deli or bakery.

Key Features

  • Core temperature probe with 1-point measurement.
  • 50 programs with up to 6 steps can be selected as required.
  • 5 programmable air speeds.
  • Cool-down for fast and reliable cooling of the cooking cabinet.
  • Digital temperature displays.
  • Actual and control value display.
  • Digital timer, 0-24 hours with permanent setting.
  • High-performance fresh steam generator with automatic water refill.
  • Low-noise high-performance blower-burner system (gas models only).
  • Automatic vapour quenching system.
  • Dynamic air mixing.
  • Automatic adaptation to the installation location (height, climate, etc.).
  • Demand-responsive energy supply.
  • Swivelling air baffle with quick-release locks.
  • Centrifugal grease extraction system with no additional grease filter.
  • Unit door with rear-ventilated double glass panel and hinged inner pane.
  • Door locking positions at 120°/180°.
  • Proximity door contact switch.
  • Press-fit, easy-change door seal.
  • Removable, hinged grid shelves with extra rail for grease drip container (table-top units).
  • U-shaped rack rails with notched recesses for easy loading.

Depth 771mm, Height 782mm, Width 847mm



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