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Martin Food Equipment IMG_1474-80x80 Mec 3 Unicorn Kit
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March 19, 2019
Martin Food Equipment 14808-Kit-Cookies-Matcha-80x80 Mec 3 Unicorn Kit
Mec 3 Macha Green Tea Cookies
April 17, 2019
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Mec 3 Unicorn Kit


The legendary figure of the Unicorn has traversed the centuries becoming an emblem of our times and protagonist of the latest phenomenon that has invaded the market and the social network.
Today the trendiest pony has a gelato cone on its forehead and is ready to bring a magical rainbow to every gelato shop to enchant both grownups and children.
The Unicorn flavour gelato exists, born from a combination of a blue and a pink gelato. Some people say it has the taste of soft clouds and for others the taste reminds them of their childhood.
In the world of fantasy, nothing is impossible!
This magic has created an exquisite gelato not only for its taste but also for its aspect that will capture everyone’s attention with its colours and its adorable Unicorn mascot


Product: Kit Unicorn x 6,7 kg


Key Features


50 g of product + 1 kg of white base
Add 100 g of Pink Unicorn Paste to 2 Kg of White base.
Do the same with the Blue Unicorn paste.
Batch freeze separately the two mixtures and then place the gelato in the gelato pan alternating the colours or mix to create a variegated effect.
Decorate with No. 6 Unicorn decorations with different expressions.

Weight6 kg

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