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Martin Food Equipment Kit-Unicorn-80x80 Mec 3 Macha Green Tea Cookies
Mec 3 Unicorn Kit
April 17, 2019
Martin Food Equipment beuno-1-80x80 Mec 3 Macha Green Tea Cookies
Blizz Bueno Hazelnut Topping Sauce – 6 x 900G
June 17, 2019
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Mec 3 Macha Green Tea Cookies


The unique flavour of the precious tea bursts into the Cookies® family! MEC3 interprets it with a special recipe: COOKIES®SWEET MATCHA is the new gelato flavour that will transport your senses to the magical
atmosphere of the orient.
An original recipe, an intriguing flavour and a captivating colour. Amazingly attractive and a surprise for the palate. An embrace between the decisive flavour of the cream with Matcha green tea biscuits and the sweet notes of white chocolate. It’s a must for the showcase to intrigue and astonish your customers.




Weight6 kg

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