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Martin Food Equipment 16098-1-80x80 MEC 3 Biscottino Biscuit gelato paste
MEC 3 French Vanilla Paste Concentrate
October 7, 2016
Martin Food Equipment 16169-1-80x80 MEC 3 Biscottino Biscuit gelato paste
MEC 3 Blue Sky Paste 5kg
October 7, 2016
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MEC 3 Biscottino Biscuit gelato paste


The very best Italian ice cream and gelato ingredients, pastes and flavourings, MEC 3 are second to none producers of variegatos, concentrates and ripples.

Biscuit flavoured paste to add to gelato/ice cream base

Provides a delicious, Italian biscuit flavour and a soft pale yellow cream colour

Great on its own, fantastic mixed with MEC 3 Cookies Variegato ripple.

4.5 kg tin


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