Martin Food Equipment Labo-2030-XPL-P-01-80x80 Carpigiani Labo 2030 XP 3ph Batch Freezer (Refurbished)
Carpigiani Labo XPL P Range
June 10, 2016
Martin Food Equipment Labotronic-2090-HE-01-80x80 Carpigiani Labo 2030 XP 3ph Batch Freezer (Refurbished)
Carpigiani Labotronic HE Range
June 13, 2016
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Carpigiani Labo 2030 XP 3ph Batch Freezer (Refurbished)


Carpigiani Labo 2030 XP 3ph Gelato Batch Freezer (Refurbished)

The Labo XPL P range are batch freezers that are easy to use, simple to manage and perfect in any gelato parlour. The machine has three freezing programs that can be selected depending on the product to ensure the highest quality gelato or sorbet. The post cooling function maintains the consistency of the product as it comes out of the cylinder, so it can be placed directly in a gelato showcase.

Key Features:

  • User friendly and easy to operate. Built to produce any kind of ice cream with maximum hygiene.
  • The LABO XP incorporate several freezing programs respectively aimed at ice cream production, fruit sorbetto production and fruit cream production. Acoustic & visual alarm to let you know that the ice cream is ready. Easy to operate the front display.
  • Robust, stainless, high-performing freezing cylinder.
  • Hard-O-Time System. After the cooling cycle. Hourly Production: 20/30KG, 28/42Ltrs.

Power: 2.9Kw

Dimensions: 500 x 650 x 1400mm

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