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Martin Food Equipment Vanilla-Pieces-80x80 iVario 2-XS
Blizz Vanilla Fudge Pieces
March 10, 2021
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iVario Pro 2-S
March 11, 2021
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iVario 2-XS


What the business has: a small kitchen, insufficient equipment, skill shortages and limited budget. What the business wants: to serve the high-quality results that their customers expect. This is where intelligent technology comes into play. Technology that boils, fries and deep-fries. That is 4 times as fast as conventional cooking appliances with up to 40 % less electricity consumption. That provides more possibilities in the kitchen and on the plate with its two pans. To the point, fast and flexible.


Planning, programming and checklists – The organisation is everything in mise en place, ensuring smooth processes, high quality results and purposeful working. Then the supplier comes, and the pots of vegetables, pasta and dessert sauce are on the stove with nobody watching. It would be good to have somebody there to take care of them. Like the iVario 2-XS with the iCookingSuite. Braised dishes, delicate sweets and side dishes are all done without supervision, without sticking, without boiling over. With iVarioBoost for accurate cooking performance. The AutoLift function automatically takes the pasta out of the water once it is ready. In other words: You have found your technical and logistical answer to save time, staff and to invest in your creativity.

Flexibility –  Two pans with endless possibilities. Simple operating concept, precise performance to the degree. For different temperatures, for different food products, for different times. Without monitoring and without additional kitchen equipment. With consistently high quality and delicious results. With the iZoneControl option, you can divide both pans into a total of four zones – giving you even more flexibility. Always ready to go. Two pans, so you can always be flexible and ready to go. Even with minimal quantities and still work efficiently.

The base price of the iVario 2-XS includes: Arm for the automatic raising and lowering mechanism, boiling and deep-frying baskets, cleaning sponge and sieve. Original RATIONAL accessories. We also have sophisticated accessories to thank for making life easy.

On the table, the work surface, on the central range or integrated into it: The iVario 2-XS will fit in. Effortless to install and thanks to the integrated water drain, you do not need a floor drain. This avoids slippery kitchen floors and increases work safety. Like with other technical solutions that protect your back, protect against burning and make life easier. Even a thorough kitchen clean is not a problem with the iVario 2-XS: It meets the strict requirements of the IPX5 standard. How can you benefit? A workspace that adapts to your requirements, providing everything you require.

It adapts to you. Small, strong, ready to perform and saves space. The iVario 2-XS replaces the tilting pan, boiling pan and deep-fat fryer in a restaurant serving up to 100 meals. Or it supplements the island solution in your canteen. It’s even more affordable than you think. Do you have bigger requirements, a bigger kitchen and would you like to have functions such as pressure cooking? Then look at the big brother iVario Pro with a capacity of two 25 l pans, one 100 l or one 150 l pan.
Number of mealsup to 30
Effective volume2 ×17 litre
Cooking surface2 × 2/3 GN (2 × 13 dm2)
Width1100 mm
Depth756 mm
Height (including stand/substructure)482 mm (1080 mm)
Weight110 kg
Water inletR 3/4″
Water outletDN 40
Connected load (3NAC 400V)14 kW
Fuse (3NAC 400V)20 A

Depth 756 x Width 1100 x Height 482 (1080*)mm

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