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Inotech Rotisseries
August 21, 2017
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CookTek FlashPak Disc
August 25, 2017
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Inotech Wall of Flames Legend Rotisseries

Designed for front of house cooking, the stunning range of Inotech legend rotisseries create a truly magnificent centrepiece in any supermarket, butchers or restaurant. With a capacity of 6 chickens per spit, cook between 24 & 48 chickens at a time depending on your chosen model. The quality of product produced on one of these rotisseries is second to none. Produce juicy and tender chicken, duck, turkey and pork that your customers will love.  Inotech rotisseries are hugely versatile and available in 3 different sizes with a large variety of optional extras. These rotisseries can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Key Features

  • Available in red or black (other colours  available upon request)
  • Stainless steel or brass trim finish
  • Glass door and spits with claws
  • Capacity per spit : 6 chickens of 1.2kg
  • Adjustment of the spits depths which allows for the roasting of different sizes of meat
  • One motor per spit
  • Halogen lamp 300 watts
  • Electric spark ignition
  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • Heating zone : 612 mm
  • Single phase 230 V
  • Available in a 4, 6 or 8 spit model
  • Supplied as standard for natural gas use – can be supplied for LPG gas
  • Vertical spit option available – needs to be ordered with machine


ITLR4: 1440 X 750 X 1120MM

ITLR6: 1440 X 750 X 1570MM

ITLR8: 1440 X 750 X 2020MM




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