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Martin Food Equipment pdp_HENNY_PENNY_SCRAPER_FRY_POT-HEN12160-80x80 A Henny Penny GONG Brush
Scraper for Frypot
October 7, 2016
Martin Food Equipment 10311-3-80x80 A Henny Penny GONG Brush
A Fryer Brush L Shaped for Henny Penny
October 7, 2016
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A Henny Penny GONG Brush


Henny Penny Gong Brush for easy cleaning of the base and sides of the inside fryer pot of a Henny Penny pressure fryer.

For easier cleaning and brilliant results, why not use Keating Sea Salt during the deep of the pot at the boiling process to help lift off the stubborn carbonated grime


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