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Martin Food Equipment Ilsa-Blast-Chiller-ABV4001-01-80x80 Deli Kitchen Hot Food Displays
Ilsa Harmony ABV4001 Blast Chiller
August 12, 2016
Martin Food Equipment Deli-Kitchen-Island-Merchandiser-01-80x80 Deli Kitchen Hot Food Displays
Deli Kitchen Island Merchandisers
August 12, 2016
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Deli Kitchen Hot Food Displays

The Deli Kitchen heated food displays are a high performing range of cabinets that keep food fresh and delicious all day long. There are a variety of different units, from a 3 well up to a 7 well with the option of either a single curve or a square glass profile.

Key Features

  • Sliding doors to protect food from contamination and allow ease of access for staff.
  • Water tray with humidification components ensuring food is kept fresh throughout the day.
  • Sophisticated heating system ensuring a constant even temperature.
  • Retains food moisture in food display.
  • Internal lighting for enhanced presentation.
  • Individual well controls allowing food with different holding requirements to be displayed.
  • Ambient under storage idea for packaging and boxing.
  • Versatile raised display for optimal food storage.
  • User friendly digital touch control pad.
  • Spacious well capacity.
  • Easy installation.
  • Optional extras that include; merchandiser shelf and cutting board with crumb tray

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