Martin Food Equipment Deli-kitchen-cold-1-80x80 --SOLD-- Deli Kitchen 900 chilled - Multi Tier (Display)
Deli Kitchen Cold 5 Well (Recon)
October 14, 2019
Martin Food Equipment thumbnail_1312-000-E_meqp-1-80x80 --SOLD-- Deli Kitchen 900 chilled - Multi Tier (Display)
— SOLD — Lincoln 1312 – Single Belt Electric Conveyor Oven (Recon)
October 14, 2019
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–SOLD– Deli Kitchen 900 chilled – Multi Tier (Display)

Deli Kitchen Multi-Tier
A specially designed multi-tier display fridge which can accompany both the Deli Kitchen Hot and Cold units. This gives your layout a flow and look which is similar throughout.

The Deli Kitchen Multi-Tier has been designed in order to match the lengths and heights of other units in the Deli Kitchen range. A two tiered system of glass shelves accompanied by a display pan underneath, enables you to display pre-packed products.

Glass Styles
The Deli Kitchen Multi Tier is available with either a single curve or a square glass profile. These profiles can be seen below and more photographs are available in the gallery.

Investing in Research and Development has helped the Deli Kitchen Multi-Tier to operate at its optimum level. This in turn means that the fridge is as environmentally friendly as possible.

As well as the option of a customized base and counter design, the fridge comes with a range of standard mobile base designs. You can view a number of these bases in the Deli Kitchen Series gallery.

Dimensions1085 × 950 × 1372 cm

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