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Martin Food Equipment Bicuit-Cone-Sleeved-80x80 Cooktek ThermaCube TCS200-Thermal Delivery Charger
Cone Sleeves – 150 per pack
May 20, 2020
Martin Food Equipment Image_20125-80x80 Cooktek ThermaCube TCS200-Thermal Delivery Charger
Coreco MFCG-200 Chiller Pass Through
November 25, 2020
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Cooktek ThermaCube TCS200-Thermal Delivery Charger


Cooktek ThermaCube TCS200 Thermal Delivery Charger

Nobody orders cold, soggy food, so why deliver it that way? The ThermaCube™ Induction Thermal Delivery System from CookTek® offers unparalleled performance when it comes to maintaining temperature and controlling humidity. The ThermaCube™ heated delivery bag is designed to optimize food temperatures for up to 30 minutes!

The ThermaCube™ System is unique because it does not cook or overheat food. The specially designed tray and bag create a blanket of warm air that surrounds the food and prevents it from cooling. The VaporVent™ equipped bag effectively controls moisture. You can keep burgers, fries, chicken, Asian cuisine or just about any hot food item hot and at near just-cooked quality for heated delivery of up to 30 minutes.

The induction thermal delivery system is comprised of a specially designed lightweight pellet tray, a system specific bag, and an induction charger base. The pellet tray resides hidden inside the bag and is only ever removed when the bag needs replacing or laundering. Once a bag containing a tray is placed on the induction charger base, it automatically heats up. A red light shows that charging is taking place. The light changes to green when the bag is hot and ready for use. Simple. Cordless. Dependable.

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