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Martin Food Equipment TB4312-80x80 *Chunky Crock Melamine 2 Litre dish
*Chunky Crock Melamine 3.2 Litre dish
January 11, 2017
Martin Food Equipment Henny-Penny-PFE-591-_-PFG-691-01-80x80 *Chunky Crock Melamine 2 Litre dish
Henny Penny PFG 691 (Gas)
February 3, 2017
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*Chunky Crock Melamine 2 Litre dish

Contemporary black melamine crock ideal for deli, salad and foodservice businesses.

4 different size crocks which fit neatly together to maximise the food impact on display

Virtually unbreakable and yet looks as good as porceline

Silicone base to limit movement or sliding in a cabinet

Insert available to help maximise display of almost empty dishes

Size 162 mm x 173mm x 100 mm


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