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Martin Food Equipment TPO4315SF-80x80 *Chunky Crock Melamine 3.2 Litre dish
*Chunky Crock White Melamine 0.6 litre
January 11, 2017
Martin Food Equipment TB4313-80x80 *Chunky Crock Melamine 3.2 Litre dish
*Chunky Crock Melamine 2 Litre dish
January 11, 2017
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*Chunky Crock Melamine 3.2 Litre dish

Contemporary deep black melamine crock ideal for deli, salad and foodservice businesses.

4 different size crocks which fit neatly together to maximise the food impact on display

Robust, virtually unbreakable

Silicone base to limit movement or sliding in a cabinet

Insert available to help maximise display of almost empty dishes

Size 162 mm x 260mm x 100 mm


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