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Martin Food Equipment Miniwip-01-80x80 Carpigiani Multiple Choice 2.0
Carpigiani Miniwip
June 13, 2016
Martin Food Equipment Granibeach-330-01-80x80 Carpigiani Multiple Choice 2.0
Sencotel Granibeach Range
June 13, 2016
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Carpigiani Multiple Choice 2.0

Carpigiani Multiple choice is a versatile machine that will dramatically increase the range of products and sales in your business. The machine produces 4 different flavours of milkshake, 3 different types of variegato and traditional soft ice cream. The pressurised syrups system eliminates the use of manual dispensers and ensures consistency of ingredients. The self-pasteurisation function means the machine can be cleaned and disassembled as little as 12 times per year.

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Key Features

  • Tank capacity of 18 litres.
  • Produces up to 250 milkshakes per hour (250cc portions).
  • Produces up to 400 ice cream servings per hour (75g portions).
  • Produces up to 400 variegato per hour (75g portions).
  • Self-pasteurisation.
  • Interactive control panel.
  • Adjustable overrun setting from 40% to 80%.
  • Pressurised syrups system.


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