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Martin Food Equipment Maestro-_-HE-01-80x80 Carpigiani Mister Art
Carpigiani Maestro Range
June 14, 2016
Martin Food Equipment Ready-2030-01-80x80 Carpigiani Mister Art
Carpigiani Ready Range
June 14, 2016
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Carpigiani Mister Art

Mister Art is a multi-functional machine that creates a variety of delicious gelato desserts, satisfying every type of customer. In the upper tank, the mix is pasteurised and is then deposited down to the lower cylinder where the gelato is frozen and held until extraction. It produces delicious gelato that is thick enough to fill small moulds for gelato on a stick and large moulds for gelato cakes. Mister Art also enables the owner to create gelato sorbets, mousse, milkshakes, yogurt and gelato pastry treats.

Martin Food Equipment Download-pdf-icon-1 Carpigiani Mister Art

Key Features

  • Tank capacity of 12 litres.
  • Continuous production.
  • Multi-functional machine that produces a huge range of desserts.

3PH (2.4KW)


Width 505mm, Depth 755mm, Height 830mm

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