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Martin Food Equipment Labo-4060-XPL-P-01-80x80 Carpigiani Labotronic HE Range
Carpigiani Labo XPL P Range
June 14, 2016
Martin Food Equipment Labotronic-2090-HE-01-80x80 Carpigiani Labotronic HE Range
Carpigiani Labotronic HE Range
June 14, 2016
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Carpigiani Labotronic HE Range

The Carpigiani Labotronic HE range creates perfect artisan gelato at the push of a button.  This versatile piece of equipment can produce delicious gelato and fruit sorbets, and is  completely programmable. These programmes include Gelato Hard and Gelato Speed.  Gelato hard makes the gelato thicker and more stable, ideal for those who prefer to use a  scoop to serve gelato. It is also perfect for immediate display in a showcase, when there is  not enough time for blast freezing. Gelato Speed has a faster production cycle than other  programmes whilst still producing perfect gelato. This programme is ideal at the height of  the season. The machine is easy to use and guides the operator through each step of the  process. The new High Efficiency model also saves 30% on electricity and water costs, when  compared to competitor models.

Martin Food Equipment Download-pdf-icon-1 Carpigiani Labotronic HE Range

Key Features

  • Production of up to 63 litres of fresh gelato per hour.
  • Up to 6.5kg of gelato per batch.
  • Variety of different programmes.
  • Ease of use – gelato at the push of a button.

3PH (6.4KW)


Width 520mm, Depth 650mm, Height 1,400mm

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