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Martin Food Equipment twin-fudge-server-w-2-pumps-80x80 Cambro GoBox Insulated Carriers (GREEN)
Server Twin Fudge Server with 2 Pumps
June 7, 2018
Martin Food Equipment gobox-yellow-80x80 Cambro GoBox Insulated Carriers (GREEN)
Cambro GoBox Insulated Carriers (YELLOW)
June 7, 2018
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Cambro GoBox Insulated Carriers (GREEN)


Ultra lightweight transporters that offer superior temperature retention to protect food safety and excellent durability to withstand heavy commercial use.

Holds hot or cold food safety for many hours.

Great structural strength capable of hanging significant loads while maintaining it’s shape and form. Excellent energy absorption can withstand substantial impact without damage.

Chemically inert- unaffected by oil, grease and most chemicals. Designed to hold 1/1 pans along with Camchillers. Line your Cam GoBox with a Cambro GN food pan and seal cover for the ultimate food safe solution.

CFC free, Dishwasher safe, 100% recyclable

600 x 400 x 316 mm




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