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Angelito Ice Cream Mix & Milkshake

Martin Food Equipment 21535-1-80x80 BLACK ICE CREAM
Nestle Kit Kat Mix 400g Bag
August 6, 2019
Martin Food Equipment mistral241x-80x80 BLACK ICE CREAM
Electrobar Minstral 241x
September 25, 2019
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Black ice cream, vanilla flavour, made specially for whipped ice cream machines, just add 4 litres of water to 2kg bag of complete mix to make 6 kg of delicious black vanilla.  Made in Italy by MEC 3, master ingredients makers, this scrumptious ice cream is full of flavour and gluten free.

Key Features

Black vanilla soft whipped ice cream mix, made in Italy

2 kg bag makes up to 70 portions (90 grm)


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