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Martin Food Equipment Belshaw-Admatic-616B-01-80x80 Belshaw Admatic Cut-N-Fry System
Belshaw Admatic 616B Donut Fryer
August 12, 2016
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Newscan FM Range
August 12, 2016
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Belshaw Admatic Cut-N-Fry System

Belshaw Admatic’s Cut-N-Fry system includes a compact 616B fryer, combined with a Type N depositor. The Cut-N-Fry can make cake and yeast-raised donuts with kits available to also make hushpuppies and loukoumades. Compact and easy to use, the Cut-N-Fry is a favourite in situations with restricted space.

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Key Features

  • 616B fryer.
  • Rotary hand crank depositor with hopper capacity of 6.8kg.
  • 16 donuts per batch.
  • Up to 35 dozen donuts per hour.

Depth 610 mm, Height 610mm, Width 460mm


1 PH (4.4 kW)

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