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February 15, 2022
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Lee’s Case Study

Is it even possible for a fry vat that’s been hard at work in a chicken QSR for 21 years to look brand new? According to a LinkedIn post from Bill Sparks, VP of Operations and Franchise Sales for Lee’s Famous Recipe Fried Chicken, the answer is yes.
With 130 locations throughout the North American Midwest and Southeast, Lee’s Famous Recipe cooks a lot of fried chicken. Most of it is done in Henny Penny pressure fryers for that traditional Southern-fried style. According to Sherri Burton, president of Astro Inc., Lee’s Key Equipment Supplier and Henny Penny distributor, the chain has been encouraging its franchisees to transition from the smaller 4-head pressure fryers to the larger 8-head models to take advantage of increased throughput and efficiency.
Sherri saw the transition as a good opportunity for Lee’s to try the new Prime Cleaner from Henny Penny on some of their older fryers. She worked with the manufacturer of Prime Cleaner, who has a close relationship with Lee’s, to set up a demonstration with an influential, well-trusted franchisee. He loved the product and was willing to share feedback with corporate to help influence a corporate test.
Sparks was interested. “Many of the pressure fryers in the system have been around for decades. We have a culture of making sure we take care of these fryers,” said Sparks. “A clean fryer also provides better shortening life.”
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