Guest Blog: 6 Ways a Combi Oven Can Benefit Foodservice Operations

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Guest Blog: 6 Ways a Combi Oven Can Benefit Foodservice Operations

One of the worst business strategies out there is to leave yourself without room for growth. Within eateries and foodservice establishments, expanding your footprint is possible when you have the right equipment and technology. Versatility is a characteristic of successful businesses, after all.
One of the most innovative technologies in the modern commercial kitchen is a combi oven. Combination ovens have the state-of-the-art ability to cook using convection or steam methods (or a combination of both.) These appliances efficiently create high-quality menu items, providing a minimal investment solution to expand offerings. Here’s a closer look at the top six ways a combi oven can benefit foodservice operations.
Maximize Kitchen Space: Versatile Appliance
Commercial kitchens are typically small without extra space. Operations with limited space can benefit from a combi oven’s cooking flexibility. A combination oven is a single appliance that replaces a steamer, grill, griddle, fryer, and convection oven. Users can easily roast, steam, smoke, poach, braise, grill, or dehydrate food.
Consistent Results: Reduce Food Waste
Higher productivity and consistency are essential to reduce food waste and spoilage. Compared to conventional ovens, combi ovens ensure you get the full bang for your buck. The menu possibilities and portion variations are endless. The hassle-free precision controls also prevent shrinkage to ensure food product results.
Precision Controls: Maintain Moisture and Quality
Combi ovens come with the advantage of precision control over temperature and humidity. Users can control the exact combo of steam or heat with pre-programmable programs and easy-to-use touch screens. These controls make the creation of high-quality food and popular dishes repeatedly achievable regardless of staff changes.
Time and Labor Savings: Cleaning Systems
Digital combi ovens offer another perk that businesses can use to their advantage. The automatic cleaning process of this commercial appliance is perfect for ease of use. Combi ovens help reduce labor time to save you money on personal protective equipment supplies and employee training.
Cost Savings: Valuable Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency is one of the six ways a combi oven can benefit foodservice operations. Combi ovens cook faster than conventional ovens, leading to lower energy costs in the long run. Energy bills savings are put back into your pocket for other resources. This makes a valuable difference in generating sustainable profit.
Greater Yield: Double Production Outcomes
Combi ovens are not one-size-fits-all. These commercial appliances come in various models and functions to fit the needs of your current foodservice operations. When you use one, greater oven capacity is at your fingertips.
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