Five things Henny Penny Customer Service does to make life easier

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September 26, 2022
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Five things Henny Penny Customer Service does to make life easier

Buzzwords aside, what exactly does “customer experience” mean at Henny Penny?  For starters, it is a way to think about what we do as one continuous effort to make life better for our customer partners. Then we add data-driven processes so the work we actually do every day remains focused on this outcome. In this three-part blog series, we pull back the curtain on some of these activities and the people who lead them.
If you’re a regular visitor to our website or follow Henny Penny on social media, you know we refer to our customers as partners. That’s not just business talk. We engage with each customer in various ways at all levels before, during, and beyond the process of bringing new foodservice equipment online. This engagement provides the feedback we need to continuously improve service and operational performance for each customer. And it all works together. Here’s how:
Multiple contact points
Henny Penny deep fryers and other commercial cooking equipment are designed for heavy-duty operation. But when something isn’t working right, no one in a high-volume commercial kitchen has time to work their way up a phone chain to solve the problem. It’s vital that store managers and crew have immediate access to Henny Penny Customer Service resources and technical support at all times.
For chain restaurants, franchise owners and regional operations managers make local decisions that directly impact foodservice equipment utilization, ingredients, cooking programs, training and the like. For these customers, Henny Penny designates a support team that includes a Customer Service representative who stays in constant contact with the local Henny Penny distributor. This way the Henny Penny team is kept up to date and is available to help at a moment’s notice.
Executives at the corporate level are ultimately responsible for strategic menu and equipment selection and deployment. They decide what features to include on the equipment and what return on investment is required. But they don’t like surprises. Henny Penny Customer Service maintains regular contact at the corporate level and serves as a consolidating point for all the information from the factory and from the field regarding equipment orders and performance over time.
Of course, these levels of contact are also available to smaller independent restaurants, commissary kitchens or catering services where one person might wear all of those hats!
“Omni channel” technical support
According to Amber Brandt, Manager of Customer Services, Henny Penny gets more than 40,000 “touches” per month from training and operations videos on YouTube, interactivity in the HP Service Cloud and help from the 24-hour Tech Support hotline. Henny Penny has become particularly adept among manufacturers of restaurant equipment in serving the growing number of users who turn to their phones first—not to call but to get information via apps or online video.
Kevin Hilbert, Henny Penny Manager of Technical Services calls it being omni channel. “We’re set up to serve anyone who needs help with Henny Penny equipment. It’s up to us to make that experience as pleasant as possible.”
QR codes on Henny Penny equipment give kitchen staff immediate access to current operation and service information for the specific model in use. Technology in the kitchen, like smart phones and tablets, make it convenient to have real time text or chatline conversations with customer service and exchange technical information that can be easily saved for future reference.
Remote service technology
Most commercial cooking equipment is now controlled by a computer chip. This actually makes remote servicing easier. With the help of an authorized service tech, many routine error codes can be diagnosed, fixed and reset over the phone. But Henny Penny has taken things a couple of steps further with HP Live, a Help Lightning merged reality tool that shares phone screens. With HP Live, remote service techs can mark a screen grab on a user’s mobile as they talk through the solution in real time. Service techs can even point things out or use their hands to show how something connects or works.
“A merged reality tool might seem kind of exotic for servicing restaurant equipment,” said Hilbert. “But it’s not really. We’re just using technology to meet people where they are at, and ninety-nine percent of the time that’s in the kitchen in the middle of a shift.”
Million-dollar hotline savings
For many customers, it doesn’t get any simpler than calling an 800 number for the Henny Penny 24/7 Tech Support hotline. The call center is set up to prioritize calls from store locations. Factory trained technicians are on hand around the clock to field general questions or guide customers through simple technical fixes. Calls involving more complex issues may also be diverted in real time to distributor service techs who can either resolve them through remote service tools or schedule an on-site service call. This triage approach has resulted in a first-time fix rate of 84 percent and saved Henny Penny customers roughly a million dollars a year in service costs!
Data-driven feedback and service
Like most companies, Henny Penny conducts customer satisfaction surveys to make sure we are meeting or exceeding expectations. We’re happy to say our customer satisfaction surveys average 9.5 out of 10. But when you are engaged in a partnership, it isn’t just about having customers rate their experience. It’s about gathering information to address that customer’s ongoing needs.
“We use a data-driven process to make sure we’re doing what is right for the customer,” Brandt said. “Order processing time, for instance. How do we make sure orders are being handled in a timely way? It’s a way of challenging ourselves that’s built into the system.”
It all works together. Information coming in from multiple points of contact lives in the HP Service Cloud and is managed through the CRM system. When this activity reveals a specific issue, Brandt’s team can escalate it immediately to the Customer Care Team. In this way, upcoming preventative care points or additional training can be addressed to improve operational performance going forward.

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